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Over the years Zener Marine has beaten the success trail. We have grown in stature and are soaring to new heights. Zener Marine has been consistently recognized as a leader when it comes to reliable and versatile products and services. There’s no better testament to our services than customer loyalty which fuels our passion and drives us to continue to raise the bar. Zener Marine has a strong track record of awards & accolades we have garnered over the years which are a celebration of our commitment to excellence. We value the recognition we receive, and will certainly strive to keep the flag flying high!

Certificate of Appreciation
Achivement Award, Natuticast 2003
Top Performance Middel East, Vertex Standard 2011
Best Distributor, Vertex Standard 2010
Partner conference, Hytera 2016
Appreciation for distinguish support - MEEES
Star sales men Award –Hytera – 2016
Best project award – Hytera – 2016
Fast growth of the year Award – Hytera -2016
Appointed Authorized services center - Hytera - 2016 to 2019
Outstanding contribution – Kotra – 2006
Best Partner Samyung – 2005
TVRO Award – Intellian – 2014